Improvement of Research Infrastructure at Institutes of Research Wing of Agriculture Department

Duration 2021-22 to 2022-23
Total Cost 484.408 Million Rs
Allocation for 2021-22 163.715 Million Rs
Location AARI, Faisalabad and its Allied Institutes in Punjab


  • To improve and strengthen the research facilities at institutes of research wing of Agriculture Department through.
  • Provision of new infrastructure.
  • Up gradation and/or repair of existing infrastructure

Implementation design


  • Government of the Punjab, Department of Agriculture


  • Chief Scientist Agri. (Research) Ayub Agricultural Research Institute,Faisalabad

Civil Work

  • Public Works Department, Government of the Punjab

Targets of the project

  • Installation of environmentally controlled tunnel structures and Nursery Raising Semi Controlled Poly Carbonate Tunnel with Cooling Pads and nursery trays stands.
  • Construction of Green house, rain shelters etc. to accelerate development of crop varieties/technologies resilient to climate change.
  • Infrastructure development for value addition of fig and dates.
  • Building of sheds, threshing floors, scrutiny wall etc. to safeguard the precious research material and germplasm at AARI institutes.
  • Provision of biotechnological equipment to meet the requirement of PBR act.

Type and Number of Beneficiaries

  • Scientists of various institutions of AARI, Faisalabad
  • Farmers
  • Exporters

Expected impact after completion of project

An effective and efficient research and development (R&D) system will be developed to support the search for solutions to research problems. Provision of modern research infrastructure will boost the production of agricultural crops in the province.